Thursday, 9 January 2014

Robin Hood and Babes in the Wood

Its all happening again... oh no it isn't! The new Blackmore Players production, details below from their website.

Robin Hood and Babes in the Wood

With King Richard away fighting the crusades, England has been left in the charge of the Sheriff of Nottingham. Trouble is, he is a bad tempered, grumpy tyrant who has raised the taxes up to 95% whilst undertaking swathing cuts in the current fiscal climate, (sound familiar?)

The villagers are now at the end of their tether and need a saviour. Up steps our hero. Fearless and kind, everyone's friend. With his band of Merry Men; including Little John, Tuck, Alan Adale and Britney, they set about redressing the balance and are determined to protect England for when Kind Richard returns.

The Sheriff aided by his hapless assistants, Ricky and Bill, sets about enforcing his taxation on the already downtrodden public and plots to commit acts even more foul. If that's not bad enough, the evil crone, Mortiagga uses her wicked magic to assist the Sheriff, as she has her own plans and desire to rule over all.

The Sheriff's ward, Maid Marion is in town and despite being warned not to consort with outlaws, she can't help but fall for our dashing hero. Along with Will Scarlett and Nurse Trott, she joins the Merry men to defeat the Sheriff of Nottingham. Kind Richard's niece and nephew - Jack and Jill (The Babes) - are also in Sherwood and need protection from the dastardly Sheriff.

With Robin Hood and his Merry men, they fight, alongside the magic of the forest itself, to ensure right and freedom is returned to England, so that one day, should Kind Richard return, all that is good will prevail.

Wednesday 22nd January 2014 20:00 £6.00
Thursday 23rd January 2014 20:00 £8.00
Friday 24th January 2014 20:00 £10.00
Saturday 25th January 2014 20:00 £10.00

Saturday 25th January 2014 14:30 £7.00

Tickets are sometimes available on the door, and we will always try and accomodate anyone who has made the effort to come along! Please note that for tickets bought on the door we can only accept cash or cheque payments.

All productions take place in Blackmore Village Hall. Tickets are available by ringing 01277 200305.The postcode of the Village Hall is CM4 0QR.

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