Thursday, 29 August 2013

And now for "Something Wicked"

The Blackmore Players
Following on from the success of the musical, The Matchgirls, the players will be staging a comedy written and directed by Ian Lodge.

Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased by ringing our box office on 01277 200305.

We will be holding a read through of the comedy 'Something Wicked' on Wednesday 29th May and auditions will take place the following week on Wednesday 5th June. Both start at 8pm and will take place at Blackmore Village Hall.

Something Wicked 
The Blackmore Players have decided that they will have another go at a Shakespeare play (after the success of Much Ado About Nothing). Their resident director, Malcolm, has manipulated the group into doing Macbeth which is not a popular decision with the remainder of the cast. As a web of lies and extra marital affairs unfolds the beleaguered cast start to discover that the legendary curse of "The Scottish Play" may not be a baseless myth after all!

Production   Date                               Start Time     Ticket Price
Friday          27th September 2013     20:00            £8.00
Saturday     28th September 2013     20:00            £8.00

Tickets are sometimes available on the door, and we will always try and accomodate anyone who has made the effort to come along!

Please note that for tickets bought on the door we can only accept cash or cheque payments.

All productions take place in Blackmore Village Hall. The postcode of the Village Hall is CM4 0QR.

Tickets are available by ringing 01277 200305.

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