Tuesday, 18 June 2013

WOW what a Blackmore Village Fayre weekend!

WOW what a Blackmore Village Fayre weekend! 

Well the Fayre has come to an end, and what a great day it was. To sum it up, I asked Heather Eltham, the Blackmore Village Fayre Chairman(woman) to say a few words:

"On the Friday the heavens opened and our people arrived for the Variety show with their Brollies in hand to enjoy an afternoon of brilliant entertainment. Saturday morning was actually dry but a little chilly but the children all warmed up doing the various activities at The Festival of Sports - ending with team Daleks overpowering the Cybermen and the Weeping Angels.

As the crowds arrived onto The Green on Saturday evening - the Hog Roast was already slowly cooking for the Sunday rush of punters and the Young Farmers had fired up the BBQ and were doing a roaring trade. It was a brilliant evening of live music performed by Souled Out and dancing by the hundreds that attended - did anyone notice it was still dry?

Sunday morning - at 6.30am a band of merry people were already on the Green tidying up from the night before and arranging stalls ready for the afternoon. Committee members had to do a quick costume change to Men In Black and join in the Grand Parade along with ET, Dr Who's, Stars to name but a few and our very own Blackmore Dalek who devilishly sprayed the audience with water - who cared it was HOT and sunny !! People were entertained the whole afternoon by dancing, singing , Harlow Steel Band, karate exhibition, the Blackmore Players and the Committee Dance of an "alien nature". We had craft stalls, bouncy castles and ice cream, doughnuts, BBQ, Hog Roast and not to mention the Beer tent! Sunday evening in the Village Hall we held "Stars in their Eyes" a talent competition which was brilliant.

Monday morning saw the Pet Show, the children's cupcake competition and music provided by Cadenza. Another day in the sunshine browsing around the stalls, riding the zippy dipper or visiting the flower festival at the church (where the scarecrows had spent the night)! To end the Fayre was the traditional Bike Ride 1.5 hours of cycling around the closed circuit by about 160 people.

So much went on over this four day event .. our Blackmore village Fayre!"

Heather Eltham

The "Old Timer" and yours truly.

Brizie looking like an undertaker.

Our illustrious Chairperson Heather chatting to the legend that is Barkers.

This was a feat of engineering that had to be seen to believed.

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