Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Save the Bull update


The proposals are for two small semi-detached houses to be built in the Bull Garden fronting The Green, together with a four car carport to the rear, and gardens, all surrounded by a 6 foot high brick wall. To allow access to the carport and house garden, and keep some parking for the Bull, the pub cellar and far outbuildings would be demolished.

If these applications are successful the results would be:

  • The loss of yet another feature of the Medieval Heart of our village, which is a designated Conservation Area. 
  • Our historic Village Green and its existing surroundings have to be protected otherwise they will be nibbled away until nothing is left. • Blackmore will then become just another place on the map; like so much else, a victim of contemporary apathy and greed. 
  • The Bull is a Grade II listed building, most of which is over 500 years old. 
  • It is thought that it was originally built by the Priory as a hostelry for pilgrims passing through Blackmore. 
  • The loss of the cellar and the existing garden would sound the death knell of its long career as a public house. The last professional publican estimates that the garden trade was worth 20% of the pub’s business. 

Our Parish Council has objected to this proposal in the strongest terms to the Brentwood Planning Department, supported by evidence from their own resources and from us the parishioners.

Be aware that the Parish Council has only advisory power, the decision will be made by the Brentwood Council on advice from the planning officers.

The planning officers are obliged, in addition to giving advice, to report to the Council on the nature and extent of the objections they have received.



Write or e-mail, you do not have to live in Blackmore, setting out your objections to: 

Kathryn Mathews - Reference nos: 13/00250/FUL and 13/00251/LBC

Planning Department , Brentwood Borough Council, Town Hall, Ingrave Road, Brentwood CM15 8AY

or planning@brentwood.gov.uk


  1. where were the people when it was open? Don't use it, we lose it.

    1. People will use it if it gets competent Landlords, you know the kind that smile and make you feel welcome. My friends and family for one will defo use it.

  2. Is this not the only historic part left of the 'old' Jericho that was a Royal refuge of Henry VIII,...the object of his "gone to jericho" escapes and where he maintained his beloved only male child (the illegitimate son whjo died when he was only 16)......?? The 'Bull' building is (unless I'm mistaken) the only remaining part of the stable area......

    ....Is this not trully historic and worth keeping at all costs...??