Friday, 31 August 2012

Tip Toe Through The Tombstones

After the success of their play, Night Must Fall, Blackmore players are presenting their latest comedy offering...

Tip Toe Through the Tombstones 
Some months have passed since the ghastly events in Monument House, well known to those familiar with Norman Robbins’ earlier A Tomb with a View. Now Mortimer Crayle, the crusty old lawyer, and his secretary Zoe, have gathered the last remaining Tomb family members at the old house, ostensibly to inform them about their inheritance. But Crayle has designs on the inheritance which demand the deaths of all the Tombs. Fog descends on the gloomy mansion and things, and people, are seldom what they seem. With poison in every decanter and mysterious disappearances into secret passageways, hosts and guests alike join the increasing number of bodies in the cellar. A glorious spoof, a worthy sequel to A Tomb with a View, although previous acquaintance with the Tombs is not required!

Thursday 27th September 2012, starts 20:00, price £6.00
Friday 28th September 2012, starts 20:00, price £8.00
Saturday 29th September 2012, starts 20:00, price £8.00

All productions take place in Blackmore Village Hall. Tickets are available by ringing 01277 372386. The postcode of the Village Hall is CM4 0QR. Visit their website for more details


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