Friday, 31 August 2012

Tip Toe Through The Tombstones

After the success of their play, Night Must Fall, Blackmore players are presenting their latest comedy offering...

Tip Toe Through the Tombstones 
Some months have passed since the ghastly events in Monument House, well known to those familiar with Norman Robbins’ earlier A Tomb with a View. Now Mortimer Crayle, the crusty old lawyer, and his secretary Zoe, have gathered the last remaining Tomb family members at the old house, ostensibly to inform them about their inheritance. But Crayle has designs on the inheritance which demand the deaths of all the Tombs. Fog descends on the gloomy mansion and things, and people, are seldom what they seem. With poison in every decanter and mysterious disappearances into secret passageways, hosts and guests alike join the increasing number of bodies in the cellar. A glorious spoof, a worthy sequel to A Tomb with a View, although previous acquaintance with the Tombs is not required!

Thursday 27th September 2012, starts 20:00, price £6.00
Friday 28th September 2012, starts 20:00, price £8.00
Saturday 29th September 2012, starts 20:00, price £8.00

All productions take place in Blackmore Village Hall. Tickets are available by ringing 01277 372386. The postcode of the Village Hall is CM4 0QR. Visit their website for more details


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Hat Party at the Club

Blackmore Sports and Social Club have just announced the return of its infamous Hat Party. The date is Saturday 27th October and the starting time 7.30pm. Everybody has to wear a hat (obviously). There will be a disco and the launch of the "Blackmore Lottery". It all sounds fun, and judging from last years picture, it certainly was! More details at

Scouts Annual Parish Walk

The much loved Annual Parish Walk organised by the Scouts will take place on Sunday 16th September. The walk starts at the Blackmore Primary School car park and sets off between 11am and 1pm.

There is a Hog Roast half way through, and as the walk is five miles, it will be a welcoming sight!

Entry forms are available from the post office or from John Cannon on 01277 822364. A lot of work goes in to organising this, I should know, I had to help once, so please make the effort and come along. It's dog friendly also. Drinks afterwards in the Blackmore Sports and Social Club.

The return of the path

While walking my dog around the millennium field, I discovered to my wife's delight, that the path was back, fully complete and joined back together. We had wondered if it was ever going to return, but had no idea who to ask.

This is where our website comes in. News and information will be updated every day, even if its just for those trivial things like a broken path.

While I'm on the subject, the new bit looks great, the rest not so good.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Blackmore gets a new website

After many years of the old site laying stagnent, and having no way to access it. I took it upon myself to start a fresh.

So I present to you an updated, all new website. I intend to keep this site fresh and up to date at all times. I will be adding social media links like facebook, twitter etc, and hope to be adding a section for local businesses.

I hope you like it, and please check back for regular updates.

Regards Andy Stevens, email:

Out with the old

and in with the new!